May 15, 2013

i've moved!!

I've shed old skin.
This space has brought such life through the past few years, but as I've transitioned I've needed a new home, one to expand with me.
I'm grateful for all the ones I've met along the way.
Thank you and many blessings to you.

May 5, 2013

win this bohemian wall hanging! a roots and feathers giveaway ::

Edited: giveaway now closed. Thank you SO much to all who entered. I wish I had enough to give everyone. I truly, truly do! I do have some other amazing giveaways lined up for Tuesday to celebrate the launch of my brand new site! I will be emailing a password and invitation to my email subscribers so be sure you've signed up! Congratulations to Zephyr Eden! :-) Zephyr, please contact me with your name and mailing address! I will ship this out next week!

I have something for you.
Something so gorgeous I kinda wanna keep it for myself. ;-) Here's the thing. I've been up to my eyelashes in HTML for the last several days. I know it's been a little quiet here, but behind the scenes? Oh, love. Wait til you see the sacred space I'm creating for us! I'm thrilled to share that my new shimmery website launches May 15th* and I'm holding a private pre-launch virtual party for all of my email subscribers. (Is this you? Oh, I hope so!) This will be a password-protected, invitation only virtual soiree on May 14th full of yummy love, sneak peeks, dreamy giveaways, me, and you. You will be the first to see my site unveiling and read about delicious new projects, announcements, and offerings. I love my readers SO MUCH and want to offer humble thanks for your friendship, messages, support and love along my journey the past few years. Thank you for growing with me. I hope you truly feel my gratitude and love. <3 This celebration is for you.

If you aren't part of my | spirit tribe | (eek!) and would like to be, please sign up here.** From time to time I send love letters, announcements, intimate musings, and there is so much more to come! Like passwords for private parties, for example. :-)

bohemian wall hanging
Sirianna is inspired by the sea, and by the mermaid. ~ Laura,
So, the more the merrier, right? To help spread the word about this new transition and private pre-launch party, I'm holding a gorgeous giveaway! This captivating bohemian wall hanging is made by Laura Mazurek of Roots and Feathers and oh my gosh, makes my soul swoon. Laura writes,
Sirianna is inspired by the sea, and by the mermaid. She is made from vintage green velvet, recycled leather, long golden tassels, a feather, a huge sea spike, deerskin, hemp twine, white driftwood, seashell, and a hint of sequins that remind me of a mermaid's tail. She completely embodies the ocean. Driftwood is 11" wide. From driftwood to bottom of sea urchin is 13." 
I am blessed to own several works of art by Laura and they are all so magical. It's a holy-hush honor to offer this piece for you!

☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽

giveaway details

We are going by the moon and a deep honor system. Below are options for entries and how many points (moons) your entries receive. When the giveaway ends, I will lovingly wrap Sirianna and ship her to the gorgeous soul with the most moons. See below for important additional details. 
Leave a comment and tell me where you would hang this stunning, mermaid-inspired, sea-souled bohemian wonder. (Gypsy caravan? That corner by your desk where light falls in the morning? In your dance studio by the window? Above your altar? Tell me. I want to know.) Value: 5 moons.
Share this giveaway on twitter. Include a link to this page. Leave a comment. Share up to one time a day till giveaway ends for additional entries! Must comment after each time. Each share value: 1 moon.
Share this giveaway on Facebook, with a link, and leave a comment: "shared on fb!" Each share (up to once a day) value: 1 moon.
Blog about this giveaway on your own blog or website! Share the link in the comments! Value: 10 moons.
Share the following image (up to once a day) on Instagram with the hashtags #boho #bohemian and #giveaway and leave a comment after each share. Value: 1 moon. 

Edit: updated to add: yes, Pinterest and Tumblr count too! So here you go:
Share the following image on tumblr (if tumblr is your sole blog see above) with the hashtags #boho #bohemian and #giveaway and leave a comment after each share. Value: 5 moons. 
Pin this giveaway on Pinterest and leave a comment: "shared on Pinterest!" Each share (up to once a day) value: 5 moons.

original image by laura mazurek.
deep honor system

In order to qualify, each entry must be verifiable and I need you to keep track of your moons with each comment. For example, if you currently have 5 moons and you share on twitter earning you an extra moon, in that comment please state total: 6 moons, or something equivalent so that you keep a tally as you go and your last comment reflects the highest number. I will monitor this but greatly appreciate your help! :-)

let's wrap up
  • Keep track of your moons.
  • Don't feel intimidated if you are limited on ways you can share. I believe that whoever wins, it's meant to be. So please join however you can. <3
  • Giveaway ends at 5 pm CST on Friday, May 10th.
  • Winner must be willing to disclose their name and mailing address. How else can I ship it to you, love?
  • I will edit this posting to announce a winner and will contact the winner by email. If your email address is not in your profile, visible, or easily accessible, please share it in a comment or email me. If I am unable to confirm contact within 24 hours of announcing winner, I will select another winner.
  • If I've done my math, (admittedly dubious!) the maximum moons available are 33 43 (I added tumblr and pinterest!). If there's a tie, I will draw names. Depending on total number of entries (i.e., if there are tons of ties and I'm handwriting lots of lovely names (so much sweeter than I've learned) and verifying moons), winner will be announced sometime during the weekend.
  • I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage during shipping. Cannot guarantee arrival date. I will mail via USPS with delivery tracking for the continental United States only. Willing to ship outside the lower 48 and internationally but cannot be responsible for condition of arrival. 
now, about that party ...

For the record, here I am purring over organic, homemade Lavender Caramel made by Katelyn Demidow of Gypsy Moth Sol. You know the extra giveaways I mentioned for my private party? Among them all I'm sharing some delectable treats from Katelyn's shop and when she shipped them to me she included this succulent indulgence and OH.MY.HEART. I texted her: "I'm totally sitting in my car eating your caramel straight from the jar right now." And a few minutes later I tagged her on Instagram and ordered her to marry me. So there you go, the story behind the story. There is no caramel left to giveaway, alas! However, you can order some. :-)



The lovely lavender-caramel-creator, apothecary goddess, and earth mama Katelyn is one of the artists I'll feature during my private pre-launch party. I'm so excited ~ can you tell? I've needed a new space reflective of the new soul-space I'm floating in these days and life has unfolded for me in surprising and humbling and breathtaking ways. Truly magical. I'm so honored to share this with you and can't wait to reveal more and more over the next few weeks. This new sacred space is ME. And ~ soulsigh ~ I have so much to give you. So much to share with you. If you're not a current subscriber, please join me?

Note: save the date! My virtual soiree is one day only, Tuesday, May 14th. I know ... a Tuesday? It's simply the right time. My schedule is full and luscious with heart-soaked projects. And the moon is waxing then, meaning growth and newness and fertility. My full website launches May 15th.

Thank you for journeying with me. <3
 *I reserve the right to reschedule if, due to unforeseen events, I am unable to launch on time.
**Current and new subscribers: please note that the email address for my mailing list will change just prior to my site launch. I will send a private invitation from my new account with a password for my virtual soiree. Must be an email subscriber to receive.